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The learnEd Story


English in India has moved from being the language of the elite to becoming a lingua franca for domestic and overseas transactions. In the corporate workplace, the ability to communicate effectively in English is no longer limited to top tier executives. Companies value effective English communication as a key to success and as a skill that affects their corporate image. Thus, there is a growing need for English communication at the workplace and jobs that require the ability to use English effectively are rising.


English training courses available to working people cover language mechanics such as structure, pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary. And yet, communication in English continues to be a challenge for people at all levels in the corporate suite according to results of a needs survey conducted with 300+ participants who have gone through learnEd’s training programs. Career-oriented individuals need tools & strategies that help them access the language they already know to and apply it in various settings. Strategic learning and critical thinking are the foundation of the learnEd curriculum.


learnEd’s teaching methods have been designed after many years of research and experience while working with learners in India. Curriculum tasks strategically guide learners to develop the skill of conveying clear, precise, and profound ideas in a simple and easily understandable way. The ultimate goal is to take the focus away from thinking about language, the limitations it poses, or judging one’s language ability, and instead participate in a democratic and collaborative exchange of ideas to reach a goal.

…the big economic story in India is now the domestic economy ­especially the growing services sector. This will affect the demand for English.David Graddol, English Next India Report by The British Council, 2009

This methodology teaches how to efficiently maximize the utility of the language for a desired outcome. Through carefully sequenced tasks we guide learners to simplify the English language elements they already know and apply them for. . .

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    Ideas Generation

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    Ideas Exchange

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    Cross Cultural Awareness

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    Building Goodwill

With the tools and strategies participants learn in our courses, they will be able to use their English effectively to achieve their goals. They will become self-sufficient to grow their English knowledge through on-going reflection and practice.Tarana Patel | Founder, learnEd